How To Style An Ultra Oversized Top


Everybody loves a good oversized shirt because they go with literally everything.

I have included the word ‘ultra’ because this top is freakin huge.

I picked this up in a charity shop the other day because it was only £1.50. It’s originally Uniqlo which is an amazing brand and I think it’s a mens but it was in the womens section. It’s an extra large which is perfect for me as the bigger the better.

I have come up with two ways you can style this top so I thought that I would share them both with you all today!


The T-shirt Dress


How cute is my new room… eeeekkkk! I haven’t finished painting hence the mess!

I am aware that this is quite a short dress but I would wear shorts underneath. I think this looks adorable and I really like the colour of it, as I think it looks quite nice with my insanely pale skin.

I have paired this with some grey knee high socks and my Doctor Martens for quite a girly look. That’s quite different for me but I love it. I will most likely be wearing this loads over the summer.

You could also pair this with some fishnets and it would look so nice with a huge oversized denim jacket. I really really really want to get one 😦


The Crop Top

On the other hand you could actually wear this as a top which is what it is intended to be. I have tied it because it’s way to long to be tucked into this skirt and it also looks quite cute like this if I say so myself. I wear this skirt way too much, trust me I know :’)

I have kept the same socks and shoes on and not gonna lie this looks a bit like a St Trinians outfit. I actually was going to put my hair into french plaits but then I realised how ridiculous I would look so I changed my mind.

You could also wear this with some high waisted shorts or some mom jeans or some shorts. I mean the options are endless.


Top – charity shop // Socks – (no idea) // Shoes – Doctor Martens // Skirt – H&M // Choker – New Look


How would you style an ultra oversized shirt?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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