The Power of Social Media

The internet can be both a wonderful place as well as a horrible place.

I feel as though it’s a very controversial topic as everyone always talks about howΒ it’s such a negative place and how there’s some not very nice people but let’s be real here, where would we be without it?

Once again I am internetless. When I moved in September last year I spent 9 weeks with no wifi and I moved just over a month ago and remain with no wifi. And seeing as I’ve finished college, where there is wifi, for the year I am Β going days without checking Instagram (omg I know, it’s a first world problem). Basically all I can say is EE are useless at sorting things out.

Anyway… the first like week was weird because I am sadly one of the people who lives on their phone endlessly scrolling through various apps. That’s not a good thing. Then I got really used to it because I found things to fill my time like painting my room (mustard yellow and white for those who care). Then I had done everything that I could possibly do with no Wifi, which isn’t a lot. At that point I realised that social media is actually quite important. Not gonna lie, being without it makes me feel quite lonely. Without it I have no one to talk to so it’s difficult to organise meeting up with people (I know I could text but I don’t have anyone’s number). I am also very nosey so it was weird not seeing what people were up to.

Not being online kinda makes you feel not included in a way because everyone shares all aspects of their life online so you feel part of it. But then again when you see photos of friends hanging out and it can sometimes make you feel left out. If that makes sense. Basically you can’t win. I think however that I would rather know what I was missing out on than not know what is going on.

Social media is such a huge part of people’s lives nowadays. Literally in thousands of years we will have evolved to have phones on our hands because we spend so much of our time holding them (I’m kidding I remember nothing about science or evolution). I can’t even imagine what people would be like without their phones.

When I post this, I should have wifi. If not I’m gonna be sitting in the corner crying. Anyway when I get it I feel like I need to have a balance between my life online and offline because staring at a screen all day is just going to make my already crap eyesight even more crap. I have a ton of homework to do this summer (I cry) so that’s not gonna complete itself.

As a generation we need to spend less time looking down at our phones and actually appreciate things in this world. Like actually socializing with people and not just talking to them through your phone.

Go out and enjoy the world once in a while to escape all the negative people on the internet and see things for yourself instead of looking at a photo of it on Instagram.


Would you say that you spend too much time online?


5 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media

  1. I would definitely say I spend too much time online. To the point where on Monday I go on holiday and you have to pay for wifi and I was happily going to do so just so I could keep up with people’s snapchats stories. But then I wondered why I should waste my money on wifi when I could use the money for useful stuff. I’m now actually really excited to have a week without social media. I’m definitely in need of a detox X


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