3 Must Have Wardrobe Staples

There are certain items of clothing that everybody has in their wardrobe. And if you don’t then you should.

Guess who’s back? Dats right! I apologise for my absence but I wrote that huge post about not having WiFi and I was supposed to get it the day I posted that but it never happened. Then I came home today to find out that’s it’s working and I nearly cried. Not even joking cause 7 weeks is a long time. So after endlessly scrolling through Twitter and answering so many emails I decided to actually write for y’all.


After wearing this outfit for like an hour, because I hadn’t left the house all day and I felt like I should get some fresh air, I realised that this is that sort of outfit that everybody owns or should own. So I thought I would share them with you! Please excuse the fact I am not wearing any make up but ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I’m also not wearing a choker which for me is very weird as I wear one EVERY DAY if you guys hadn’t noticed already…

Anywayyyy…. here are the three things which I feel should be in everyone’s wardrobe:


  1. Skinny jeans

Lets be real here, who doesn’t own a pair of skinny jeans? I know they’re not as popular as they were like 2 years ago as boyfriend jeans and mom jeans are a big hit, but you still see so many people around wearing them. In particular are these high waisted ones and what I love about these jeans is that they go with absolutely everything, you can pair these with any top and shoes and you would slayyyyyy. Black especially is a colour that  goes with every other colour. Other colours are available with skinny jeans but if you were to get only one colour then I would have to go with black.


2. Oversized jumpers

Jumpers that are too big for you are just so much better than fitted ones because you can actually move in oversized ones. Legit every jumper I own (so like 10) is a large because they’re so cosyyyy. If you don’t have one then either steal one from your boyfriend/brother like most people do or you could do what very few people do and go and buy one. I know it’s summer so it’s a wee bit warm for them but they’re nice in the evening when it’s a little cold.

I got this Dirty Harry Brighton jumper from a boot sale for a whopping £2. I have seen loads of people wearing these so I was so happy when I saw it and had to get it even though I have enough jumpers. It is also the softest jumper ever!


3. Canvas shoes

Okay okay these Metallic Platform Shoes aren’t really canvas shoes but I am pretending they are. I feel that everybody should own a pair of Vans or Converse or a fake alternative because lets be real here, who can actually afford them? They’re comfortable and they look cute and like with all of these items you can wear them with any outfit. Ain’t nobody got time to wear heels all the time and it’s far too hot to wear boots so these fit perfectly in the middle. And if you hate your feet (like me) then these are a great alternative to sandals or flip flops, however you do end up with horrendous tan lines. Mine are actually awful.


These are obviously just my opinion but I would love to know what your wardrobe staples are!


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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