When you see this outfit I feel like you would think that I was going for grunge look.

And you would be partially right. I wasn’t necessarily intending on looking grunge, like everyone on Instagram, but these things happen. I just wanted to put on something a bit different to my usual skinny jeans and an oversized shirt.

You know when you firt see someone and you instantly label them? Don’t even deny it because everyone does it even if they don’t mean i in a bad way. So when people first see me I know that they think I am quite girly and feminine and I know this because that it what people have told me. However they are wrong because I may be a feminist but I am actually not that feminine. I hate pink and I never wear dresses or heels. I would so much rather wear Dr Martens and dungarees.

I recently read All The Bright Places which is amazing so you guys should read it. Anyway Finch would be someone different each week and he would dress and act accordingly. I love this because he would be who it felt like he wanted to be and when he wanted to be it. He was a different label every week or so. We should have that freedom of being whoever the hell we want to be and when we want to be it instead of being the label that everyone defines us as.

My ‘label’ changes all the time. One day I’ll be wearing a skirt and a cute top (that’s as girly as I get) and then the next day I’m dressed like I’m in the 90s. One day I’ll be feeling crazy and will wear glitter all over my face and I’ll be listening to Take That (who btw are amazing) and the next day I’m in skinny jeans and a top listening to the top 40.

So on this day I woke up and was like ‘I feel grunge so I’m gonna dress like that’. I was probably listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers as well. So this is grunge Indi.

Just wake up and be whoever the hell you wanna be!


Top – H&M // Shorts – Charity shop // Tights – New Look // Jacket – stolen from my Mum // Boots – Dr Martens // Choker – Topshop



Does your ‘label’ change everyday?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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5 thoughts on ““Grunge”

  1. I’m the exact same way. Some days I’m very preppy and clean cut, but other days I’m rocking ripped tights and a flannel. I just randomly found you, but I adore your post. I wish more people tossed labels in the trash and just dressed their mood. It’s a lot more fun that way anyways!

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