The £3 Primark Dress

Primark is great. But do you wanna know what is better? A sale in Primark!

It is literally impossible to go to Primark and not leave with something that you don’t essentially need. So along with the things that I did need I ended up picking up this adorable dress.

If you have been reading this blog a while then you will know that I am not really a dress person. I have no idea why but I would so much rather wear a skirt if I have to look dressed up.

It’s that time of the year where all the clothes shop are swapping over the summer clothes with the autumn/winter 2017 clothes which, not gonna lie, is very depressing because it’s still summer. Okay here in England the weather hasn’t been great but it’s the summer holidays for another month so if clothes shops could stop selling cute beanies and rain coats until like mid September. I am sure I’m not the only one who would like this. Anyway this meant that a lot of the summer clothes were in the sale and I stumbled upon this beauty.

So it’s a black bodycon dress and then it has another dress over the top in a sheer fabric. I love the sheer fabric trend at the moment and I just love how unique and different this dress is. It was originally £13 but I got it for £3 and they had 2 left, 1 being in my size so it was just meant to be. I bought it knowing that I would probably never wear it because I never go out any fancy enough to have to wear a dress and I know I could wear this casually but that’s just not me.

However the other evening me and Mum went to the Moscow State Circus which is currently at Glynne Gap field in Hastings which is so close to where I live. I have seen it before in London and I remembered it being amazing so it was nice to see it again. I had such a nice evening! I know it’s not a fancy event and I was the only one in a dress but sometimes you wanna feel cute and dressed up. Not gonna lie, I really would love to join the circus because they’re so talented and I wish I could at least do a handstand (which I can’t. lol I cry). If I could do anything then it would be hula hooping because, not to boast or anything, but I am a freakin pro at that. I can do it for ages. There was a girl in the show that was hula hooping whilst in one of those hoops in the air and I would love to do that!

I’ve kinda got off topic… Anyway this dress is a bargain and is comfortable and looks cute. I have to keep pulling it down but you get that with every bodycon dress or pencil skirt (well I do). I wore this with my denim jacket as that’s the only jacket I own and a pair of canvas shoes. I thought about wearing my heeled boots but then I felt like I would be too dressed up for the circus. I really like the two layers of it because you could wear them individually if you really wanted too. In addition I’m not a fan of bodycon things cause they make me feel kinda self conscious but this has a another layer over the top it means that you can’t really tell that I ate KFC before this :’)


Have you ever picked up a right bargain in a Primark sale? Have you ever been to the circus?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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